Comments are discussions around content and can be added to a folder or file in Onehub. You can create new comments, delete comments, and list comments. Comments are identified by a unique, random ID.

Create a Comment

Creates a comment on a file (or folder) specified via [id].


body Required string The text of the comment.


Returns the newly created comment object and a 201 if the call succeeds. Returns a 422 error with an error in the message body if a non-existent comment [id] is provided.

Delete a Comment

Deletes the comment specified via [id] on the folder or file specified via [folder_id] or [file_id].


Returns an empty message body and a 204 if the call succeeds.

List all Comments

Lists of all comments for the folder or file specified via [id].


Returns a paged array of comment objects and a 200 if the call succeeds.