Getting Started

Create a Developer Account

In order to access the Onehub API, you will need to create a Onehub Developer account. Developer accounts are the only accounts that can create Onehub API keys. Developer accounts have limited resources for day-to-day use and beyond creating API keys are only meant for testing.

After creating your API keys, you will be able to authenticate against the API as a different Onehub user in order to access your paid account's data. See the Authorization section for more information.

Make sure you sign out of any existing Onehub accounts before clicking the link below.

Create Your API Keys

You’ll need to create an OAuth Client that represents your application when communicating with our OAuth Server. Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret!

  • Visit the Developer section of your account

  • Click the Create OAuth Client button

  • Fill in your application information and click Create Client

  • Store your generated Client ID and Client Secret in a safe place

Your secret will not be retrievable after leaving the confirmation screen.

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