Rolemaps are join objects that relate users to Workspaces, folders, or files. A rolemap grants a user access to an object via a role. You can read, update, delete, and list rolemaps.
You create rolemaps via invitations.
Interacting with the rolemaps endpoint requires the id for a specific rolemap. You can find the appropriate rolemap id by first listing all rolemaps for a given object.
Read a Rolemap
Rolemaps with an object_type of Account were automatically granted to an account-level user and indicate access to all other object types within the account. Whereas, Workspace, Folder, and File rolemaps indicate access only to the object retrieved.
Update a Rolemap
Endpoint context is assumed for all update actions. If you update an Account rolemap from the /workspaces endpoint, the API will automatically create a new Workspace rolemap on the specified Workspace, versus modifying that user’s account role.
Delete a Rolemap
Deleting a rolemap will revoke access to the rolemap's object.
Endpoint context is assumed for all delete actions. If you attempt to delete an Account rolemap from the /workspaces endpoint, the call will fail.
List all Rolemaps